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This web page shows some downsides I found in software packages. Each of them, on their own, can cause major troubles to newbies trying to use the software. For more experienced people they spoil the fun using the software and often cause headaches. Some issues may exist by incident, some may be caused by policy of the software author. As soon as an issue is gone to my knowledge, it will be striked out from this website. Known workarounds will be listed too, as long as they are required.
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???Outlook 2016Microsoft Outlook 2016 refuses to connect to Exchange Server 2007

Outlook 2016 refuses to connect to Exchange Server 2007

Outlook 2016failure
Outlook 2013unknown
Outlook 2010unknownunknown
Outlook 2007unknownunknownunknown
Due to an artificial licensing limitation, Microsoft Outlook ≥ 2016 cannot be used together with Windows Small Business Server 2008. Unfortunately Microsoft Office 2016 cannot be returned to the point of purchase easily in order to downgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2013, because prior to installation the license key forcefully had to be retrieved from the internet by registering a Microsoft account. On the other hand purchasing the next version of Microsoft Windows Server will cost a lot of money and would probably require replacing all server hardware.

Exchange 2007 claims mobile device ownership

Microsoft tends to enforce full control on all computers and mobile clients wanting to connect to Exchange. This potentially exposes each of such mobile device to being erased remotely by an administrator or a server side virus. On the server there is no setting accessible through the graphical user interface to avoid this. It could be worked around through the shell however, by ensuring there is not any default policy:
  • Exchange Management Console»Microsoft Exchange»Organization Configuration»Client Access»Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies»New Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policy...»"Applied Defaults"»Default=False
  • Exchange Management Shell»Remove-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -Identity Default
  • Exchange Management Shell»Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy $null

Cannot uninstall Outlook 2016 from Office 2016

The installer doesn't contain a user-friendly option to (de)select individual packages (Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint/OneNote/...). There are two workarounds: This makes downgrading to an older Outlook version very cumbersome.
Microsoft Office 2016 installer with Outlook 2016 finally removed (verifiable by logos)

Microsoft Office 2016 installer with Outlook 2016 finally removed (verifiable by logos)