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This web page shows some downsides I found in software packages. Each of them, on their own, can cause major troubles to newbies trying to use the software. For more experienced people they spoil the fun using the software and often cause headaches. Some issues may exist by incident, some may be caused by policy of the software author. As soon as an issue is gone to my knowledge, it will be striked out from this website. Known workarounds will be listed too, as long as they are required.
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No possibility to revert to legacy toolbar icons (≥V4.1.6)?

This requires quite some effort guessing and learning what all the revamped icons will mean, for diehard users of older versions. It would be nice if the user could select between the old and the new icon set.
CTRL+V hotkey does nothing if no files are open

CTRL+V hotkey does nothing if no files are open

It would be better if CTRL+V duplicates CTRL+ALT+V's behaviour in this specific case, since it corresponds to the only menu item that is not grayed out in this case.

Cannot extend canvas size using mouse

Having to use the "Canvas size..." dialog over and over again consumes a lot of time. There ought to be a way to directly use the mouse to do this instead of having to go through a popup dialog. After all, even Microsoft Paint has such feature.

Pro is just as easy and quick to use as Microsoft Paint (as opposed to Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro), yet much more powerful than Microsoft Paint. Common actions such as cutting, pasting, cropping the canvas and drawing boxes, arrows and text are very quick and correctable(right before hitting the "Complete"-button/Escape-key) as well as undoable. This all makes digital life much easier. Unfortunately extending the canvas is cumbersome, which is almost the only downside I found in v4.0.9 on non-Windows-XP-systems. The CTRL+V behaviour can confuse some newbies, thinking that the clipboard froze/locked-up, at least a simple reminder could be in place for them.