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This web page shows some downsides I found in software packages. Each of them, on their own, can cause major troubles to newbies trying to use the software. For more experienced people they spoil the fun using the software and often cause headaches. Some issues may exist by incident, some may be caused by policy of the software author. As soon as an issue is gone to my knowledge, it will be striked out from this website. Known workarounds will be listed too, as long as they are required.
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???bashLinux Less-appropriate error message for 'service' or '/etc/init.d/' without 'sudo'?

Less-appropriate error message for 'service' or '/etc/init.d/' without 'sudo'?

It could be less confusing to users if the error message would suggest about 'sudo' rather than lieing about the command not existing at all.

Doesn't support colors (by default)

Doesn't support history (by default)

Doesn't show working folder (by default)


'bash' is a very common Linux shell interpreter. If the files '~/.bashrc', '~/.profile' and '~/.bash_logout' are missing, commonly available from '/etc/skel/', it provides a quite poor layout however. Additionally these features go missing if the user accidentally points to '/bin/sh' rather than '/bin/bash' from '/etc/passwd' as the preferred shell selection.